Thursday, December 27, 2007

My Ancient Armies

I'm not sure if I'll take an active part in the "Kingdoms of Antiquity" group blog or not . . . but I'm starting this blog to think about it.

Off of the top of my head, my currently painted 25mm Ancient armies are:
  • Greek Hoplites
  • Alexandrian Imperial
  • Syracusan
  • Carthaginian
  • Feudal Scots
  • Feudal Spanish
  • Samurai

I know that I have unpainted lead for these 25mm armies:
  • Ancient Indian
  • Illyrian
  • Gauls
  • Early Imperial Romans
  • Ayyubid Egyptian
  • Knights (3/4 painted)

In 15mm I have the following painted armies:
  • New Babylonians
  • Greek Hoplites (early & late)
  • Late Imperial Romans
  • Franks/Goths
  • Arab Conquest
  • Medieval German Knights

All of the above are full armies (at least 200 figures -- often far more). Generally they are based ala WRG (I played 7th Edition for far too long), although the Feudal Scots and Alexandrian Imperial armies are based for WAB. I also have several smaller DBA-size armies . . . and I'm probably forgetting several since I really haven't played much in the way of Ancients for twenty years or so.

If I do participate in the Kingdoms of Antiquity, what would I want to play?

Suggestions welcome.

-- Jeff